How do I submit my story to the podcast?

Please complete the Story Submission Form HERE. We will review it and get back to you. If you are Super Serious, please complete the Media Release Form HERE

Who Are You?

Hollis: Trainer. Teacher. Talker. Storyteller. Songwriter. Speaker. Podcaster. Parent. Pioneer. Improvisor. Innovator. Idea-generator. Family. Free spirit. Jesus Freak.

Lori: The Jury is still out…

Seriously, does God really interact with us today?

Yes. He. Does. Seriously.

How can I support the podcast?

Pray. Subscribe. Share. Create your own story. Soon we will launch a virtual merch store. We will provide opportunities to support our missions. Participate in our programs to increase your hope and connection. Specifically: We are looking for more tech support and/or someone who resonates with our vision and wants to contribute to sharing the gospel through this podcast.

How do I join the Tribe?

Same As Above. Pray. Subscribe. Share. Create your own story. Sport our gear from the virtual merch store, (when it’s launched!). Support our missions and get involved. Participate in our programs (when we launch) to increase hope and connection.