Blog #1 – What Else Would It Be Called?!

Does God exist?

Does God still interact with us, his creation?

Are you wondering if your connection to God will return?

Are we missing God’s voice in our daily routine?

How do we know if it’s really God nudging us or speaking to us?

Yes! God is alive and showing up in people’s lives. These are the stories of how He reveals himself in the miracles, the mayhem, and the mundane. If you are looking to be inspired, find hope, or a deeper connection to those around you and to the living God, you’ve come to the right place.

Know that He cares about you and wants to make himself known to you. Know that He desires a relationship with you, just like a trusted friend. Know that He wants us to grow in relationship with each other. Know that His promises are real and His love is abundant.

By sharing stories, we transform the condition of being human. We transform how we relate to each other and how we relate to God. Be prepared to get more deeply connected to each other. And be prepared to experience the unconditional love of the living God in new and unexpected ways.

Be prepared to proclaim Oh My God is awesome!