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The Oh My God Is Awesome Monthly Membership is designed to help you grow in relationship with God.

It’s the weekly way to gain bitesize Biblical wisdom on the character of God so you can grow in relationship with Him.

  • We study an attribute of God’s character so that we can know more about Him
  • When we know more about Him, then we go deeper in relationship with Him
  • When we are in a deeper relationship, then we experience God in our daily lives, and live more fully.

If you commit to making your relationship with God a priority;

then we’ll support you with our simple system of resources & support.

  • Whatever: It’s not a formal Bible study. It’s not a devotional. It is a character study on all 300+ attributes of the triune God (three-in-one: Father, Son, Holy Spirit).
  • Whenever: You do the work on your own time, to fit it into your schedule.
  • Wherever: Access the Membership Website via your computer or mobile device.
  • Together: Although you access the content on your own time, you are not alone. Members will study the same attribute each week and will engage inside the interactive online community and monthly Zoom meetings. Plus you’ve got “Christian Leaders” each month to come alongside you too!

Meet your Membership Creator & Monthly Contributors:

Hollis Moore, M. Ed. is the Founder and Co-Creator of the Oh My God Pod (podcast) that brings hope, inspiration and connection by sharing stories of where God is working in the miracles, mayhem, & mundane of everyday people’s lives. She is also the Founder of the Oh My God Is Awesome Membership that helps busy Christians grow in relationship with God by delivering bite-sized Biblical wisdom on the character of God each week. She is also Founder and CEO of Moore From Life, LLC (Experts In Education) acting as a speaker, storyteller, facilitator, and trainer using the tools of improvisational theater for organizational programming. Hollis holds a Masters in Education from National University in LaJolla, Ca and a BA in English, Psychology and Communications from the University of Denver. Hollis lives in Colorado with her husband and two children and is an avid outdoor adventurer who values liberty and experiential learning.

“My personal mission is that everyone experiences the unconditional love of the living God” ~ Hollis Moore

Monthly Contributors include:

Pastors, pastors wives, pastors children, ministry leaders, chaplains, Bible study teachers, missionaries, seminary students, prophetic speakers, church leaders. Christian leaders with a diversity of ages, races, ethnicity, backgrounds & life experiences.

Here’s What You Get in the Membership

Each week you will get tools, resources, support and community:

  1. One attribute of God’s character
  2. Corresponding scripture verse
  3. 5 to 10 min video commentary form a Monthly Contributor.
  4. Journal prompts to explore the application & implication in your life; as well as record God’s activity in your life / your experience with God that week.
  5. Interactive Online Community – join other Members in your spiritual journeys as we study the same attribute as other Members each week (but on your own time as per your schedule). Ask questions, get clarity, share stories, encourage each other, make prayer requests. Interact with that month’s Monthly Contributor as they will be fielding your questions each week and reaching out to you inside the Community (set up as a Facebook Group right now)
  6. Live Community Meeting via Zoom each month – see other Members and Contributors. Interact live with our Monthly Contributor. Discussion, revelations, Q&A, breakout sessions to go deeper together in your spiritual walk.  
  7. Invitations to develop your story or flush out a story with God through storytelling courses/workshops.

Want to learn more about the origin, vision and transformation you can experience in the OMGIA Membership? Watch these short videos and take a BEHIND THE SCENES tour!

VIDEO 1: The VISION of what is possible for you and your relationship with God through the Membership (7min)
VIDEO 2: What kind of TRANSFORMATION is possible through the Membership, and a deeper relationship with God (9 min)
VIDEO 3: The ROADMAP to get you started quickly and simply; and why you need one (10 min)
VIDEO 4: FEATURES & BENEFITS – learn all about what you actually get inside the Membership; how it’s different from a Bible study or free resources online; and why should you join now! (15 min)


Go inside the Membership for a sneak peak before you enroll

Get a sneak peak inside the Membership before you join.