What is the Oh My God Pod All About?

The “Oh My God Pod” podcast by Hollis Moore and Lori Spiker provides inspiration, hope and connection by sharing stories of real, everyday people who have experienced the living God working in their lives and where there was no question that God had His hand in the outcome of a situation.

We envision a world where every person experiences the unconditional love of the living God; and seeks a relationship with Him.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to bring you stories of where God shows up everyday to provide hope, inspiration and connection; and to ultimately glorify God.

We do this by being obedient in His calling upon our lives, and by investing in our own relationship with the living God

Oh My God Pod – The podcast of stories where God is working in the miracles, the mayhem, and the mundane of our lives .

We think this podcast is for everyone; because God loves everyone. Christians age 20-60; Christians new in their faith; Christians who want to discern God’s voice in their lives; Christians looking for a deeper connection to God; Christians who want to share their inspiring stories; Christians who are discouraged or feel abandoned by God; people looking for examples of a God who actively participates in our lives; people looking for relationship vs religion; people who wonder if God still interacts with His creation; people who wonder if God exists; Agnostics; Atheists; questioners; skeptics.

  • Our stories provide Hope:
  • That God is alive
  • That God desires a relationship with everyone
  • That everyone can experience the unconditional love of the living God

Our stories Inspire:

  • People who may have lost hope in God 
  • People who may feel as though God is working in other people’s lives…but not theirs
  • People to seek a deeper relationship with God
  • People to be obedient in God’s calling on their lives
  • People to share their stories 

Our stories Connect:

  • People to the living God 
  • People to each other
  • People to their purpose and calling
  • By sharing examples of God’s “speaking” and what that actually looks like in our everyday lives

Thanks so much for being on this journey with us! We are so excited to welcome you into the Tribe. Stay connected. Please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE The Oh My God Pod with everyone you know!

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